UPDATE – BVAG/BNF Neighbourhood Plan – Watershed Meeting

UPDATE 12Th NOVEMBER – The Bermondsey Neighbourhood Forum are now taking no part in this meeting and will be making their own decisions on their future.


Wednesday 12 November at 7.00 pm
Doors open 6.30

Globe House 37 Bermondsey St

This meeting will determine who is to promote a neighbourhood plan for our area and what policies will go into it. Come if you care.

The meeting will be chaired by Grange ward councillor, Damian O’Brien.

Community Plan
1. Introduction.
2. Presentation of BNF proposal.
3. Presentation of St Thomas St plan/BVAG proposal.
4. Questions from the meeting at large on either or both proposals.
5. Meeting to select one or other proposal and determine consequential matters.

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