What We Do

We meet regularly to help Tabard Gardens North residents get their voices heard. We want to organise some social events so people can meet each other and more people can get involved in our activities. We want to make Tabard Gardens North a place where we are proud to live.


Beating the Bounds by Ana Laura Lopez de la Torre – 2009

We have helped secure extra funding for the community, which provided a toddlers play area and cycle lockers, and has helped set up a community gardening project. In the past year, we have held 10 public meetings, attended by Housing Officers, local Councillors, and local Police officers.

shere img_3375.jpgShere House Sculpture Garden

We have organised repairs surgeries and estate walkabouts that have helped many people with their repair and housing issues. We have represented the tenants and residents of Tabard Gardens North at the Community Council, the Area Housing Forum, the Police Ward Panel and the Tabard Community Hall. We have organised coach trips, a table sale, museum visits, art classes for young people, and boat trips on the Thames. In 2009 we participated in the Quicksilver project at Tate Modern with the Cholmondleys.

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