Free wild flower seed kits available from Kew Gardens.


Three reasons to join one of the UK’s biggest-ever seed sowing campaigns:

The Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew have teamed up with Lemos & Crane to share thousands of free seed kits so groups around the country can transform their local spaces into beautiful, inspiring and colourful wild flower havens.

We’re now part of one of the UK’s biggest-ever seed sowing campaigns, helping to create over one million square metres of wild flowers.

1. The exclusive seed kits are designed to help your group/s grow beautiful, colourful wild flowers, which will be a haven for bees, birds and butterflies. As well as the fun of sowing the seeds, there’s the added bonus of enhancing your health and creativity.

2. Your group/s will benefit from getting outside to enjoy some healthy outdoor activity, learning new skills and showing how it’s possible to make a real difference to where you live.

3. It’s a great way of bringing a bit more wildness into our lives as well as helping to improve wellbeing for all those who live in your area with a boost of nature.

Registration closes at midnight on 14 February 2016!


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