advicelocal website

The advicelocal website ( has just launched a new set of resources covering Employment issues, including many borough based services, covering local work and training opportunities.

Developed in response to user feedback (and with support from Trust for London), our new resources cover a wide range of employment topics, including national information on employment rights and other work related matters.

Our advicefinder database helps the public identify borough based organisations that support people in finding work, as well as those organisations offering assistance to people who need legal help with Employment matters.

We hope you find the new Employment resources useful, and would be happy to get your feedback. If you know of other resources that it would be helpful for us to link to please do let us know.

In addition any support you can provide in helping to publicise our new resources both within your council and amongst your contacts would be very much appreciated.

All the best

Phil and Bal
Lasa’s advicelocal team

020 7426 4477

Twitter: @advicelocal

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