#CHATBACK at The Ministry of Sound.

17.10 - SOUTH_Event_ Chatback_poster_005_AW

#CHATBACK is an exciting and informative free event for the young people (11-19) of Southwark.

The event will take place 20 February 2015 at The Ministry of Sound, it is a ticket only event.

Performances from up and coming young talent from around Southwark, including dancers, actors, singers, spoken word and rap.  Creative performances that show the housing issues that young people can experience and how this can impact on them. Therefore the reason why young people do need to have a voice and should get involved and sign up to the new CHATBACK social media sites that have been created as a new way for young people to have a say.

To get tickets for this event young people must sign up to CHATBACK social media or call.

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