Fix it at home videos.

Southwark Council has recently produced a series of videos about those repairs around your home that are easy to fix yourself, but only if you know how.

The videos give you a step by step guide on how to unblock your toilet or sink, change your bathroom and kitchen lights, set up your central heating correctly and change and test your smoke alarm. They are not the most glamorous of jobs but definitely important for keeping your home running smoothly.

Our repairs and maintenance service looks after over 50,000 homes across the borough. Every year, we receive thousands of calls to help you manage small repairs around your home. By showing you how to do these yourself within the comfort of your home, we hope to save you time and money. Reducing these callouts will also help the repairs team focus their time and expertise on more complex repairs. As we try and meet the large cuts to council funding without affecting frontline services, reducing callouts for repairs which are not our responsibility is a key priority.

All the videos are simple and easy to follow, and are based on what our own expert plumbers and electricians would do themselves. There is no complicated equipment needed. So make sure you check out the videos and recommend them to your family and friends. And watch this space as there are more to come.

To watch the videos go to or

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