Scoping Report, New Southwark Plan.

We are currently consulting on the Scoping Report for the Integrated Impact Assessment of Southwark’s emerging New Southwark Plan

An Integrated Impact Assessment is a method of estimating the possible implications, intended and unintended, of the emerging New Southwark Plan policies. It will examine how the emerging policy options may affect the communities in Southwark.

The aim of the Integrated Impact Assessment is to make recommendations to enhance potential positive outcomes and minimise negative impacts of a policy.

The Scoping Report contains:

· Baseline information regarding key environmental, social and economic matters relevant in the borough.

· A review of the relevant plans, strategies and legislation.

· A framework for undertaking the Integrated Impact Assessment, setting out sustainability, health and equality objectives, decision making criteria and indicators that will be used to measure the impacts of the New Southwark Plan policy options upon sustainable development, equalities and health.

The baseline information and the relevant information contained within the relevant plans, strategies and legislation, will be taken into account in the preparation of the next stage of the New Southwark Plan – the Preferred Options paper.

We are consulting on the Scoping Report for a period of 5 weeks, between 20 February and 27 March 2015. All comments must be received by 5pm on 27 March.

During the consultation period, we strongly encourage comments to be submitted, where you can suggest improvements or point out if there is any thing we have missed.

Comments can be returned by post or email to:

Planning Policy
Chief Executive’s Department


More information on the preparation of the New Southwark Plan can be found in this link

Scoping Report – Integrated Impact Assessment New Southwark Plan Feb 2015

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