Parking permit update: Tabard Gardens Traffic Management Order

RE: Tabard Gardens Traffic Management Order

Dear Mr Davis,

I would like to provide you with an update regarding the proposed Traffic Management Order to be implemented in Tabard Gardens. As you are aware we consulted on this with residents some time ago and the proposal was approved at Community Council around December 2014.

I can confirm the following steps that need to be completed;

· A survey of the estate still needs to be conducted to define the parking bays, boundaries and also location of signage to be installed. This has been scheduled for Thursday 26th March 2015 to be attended by the Estate Parking Manager and the Resident Services Officer.

· A report will then be submitted to officers within the Council for them to produce a Traffic Management Order that reflects how the service will operate within the agreed areas. It is especially important that this part of the process is correct and fit-for-purpose.

· A public notice will then be sent out to notify all residents of the Council’s intentions.

· Should we encounter no resident opposition then this process should now take no longer than 42 days. However should we encounter any significant challenge from the public notice, then the implementation will be delayed while this is worked through.

This process involves work and co-ordination across several teams and divisions within various disciplines, and so I will be doing what I can to ensure no further delays within the Council and within this process.

I am sorry that this is taking longer than was originally anticipated, but as you can see we have a clearly defined series of steps in place, and I will ensure that as we complete each stage you are all notified of progress.

Have a good weekend.

Kind Regards

Russell Edwards
Resident Services Manager
( Office: +44 (0) 20 7525 7377
Ê Fax: +44 (0) 20 7525 1799
: Email:
*Address: Southwark Council, Area Housing (North Team), Housing Services Department, PO Box 68119, London, SE1P 4GP

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