Credit Union – Lending

London Mutual Credit Union’s focus is to offer members a place where they can save safely and get a loan that is fair and affordable.

If you need to buy something for your home, taking a loan from the credit union means that you can shop around for the best deal – it puts you in control and gives you a choice. If you need a washing machine, for instance, you can buy it from any retailer – whoever is cheapest – get it paid for, delivered and installed, and spread the cost over up to 18 months. If you haven’t got cash or credit, where can you go?

You could go to one of the ‘weekly payment’ shops, such as Brighthouse, where an ordinary 9kg washing machine can cost as much as £1,400. That’s exactly what one of our members almost did recently, but she called us and we gave her a loan – she bought a 9kg washing machine from Curry’s for £299.99, delivered and installed! That’s over £1,000 that has stayed in her pocket – money she can spend on her children, or save for emergencies.

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