Parking update – email to Russell Edwards.

From: Tabard North<>Date: Mon, Apr 20, 2015 at 3:58 PMSubject: Re: Tabard Gardens Traffic Management Order

To: “Edwards, Russell” <>
Cc: “Eatwell, David” <>, “Maugham, Claire” <>, “Eastham, Karl” <>, “Luthra, Vijay” <>, “” <>, “Coyle, Neil” <>, “Snell, Susan” <>, “Parkes, Clarence” <>
Dear Mr Edwards

Thank you for your email of 27 March where you confirmed to Tabard North that the walkabout and plan for the area had been competed and that the team would now be moving to document production so that the Traffic Management Order could be introduced.

There is a Committee meeting of the TR&A tomorrow evening and it would be very helpful if you could confirm before then whether the Order has now been issued or, if not, when this can be expected.

I have still not seen the public notice advertising this parking scheme, despite checking regularly both Southwark News and the London Gazette. This would make your estimate of ‘no longer than 42 days’ unachievable for the introduction of the scheme. Indeed, you were informing residents in January of this year that ‘the scheme will be ready to go live no later than February 2015’. I would be grateful if you would now provide a realistic timescale for the introduction of the parking permit scheme.


Peter Davis
Chair, Tabard Gardens North T&RA

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