Email from BVAG – Council reject OBVNF Application

“As our supporters are acutely aware, the Council has long resisted the idea of a BVAG coordinated neighbourhood forum – knowing that we will not meet their condition of being subservient to the Council.

We have just been notified that the latest justification for refusal has been crafted and published on the Council’s website just in time for compliance with the Council’s legal deadline. See [link]

The decision Notice/Report/Recommendation bears the name of Juliet Seymour, as usual, but as we know, it is the work of her bosses. Our legal Counsel has been consulted on how we can proceed and we are looking to set up a meeting with a representative from DCLG in the face of further obvious evidence of determination from the Council to obstruct any neighbourhood plan that may clash with their own objectives for the area.

Help from any followers will be appreciated in identifying the anonymous objectors – the identity of several of whom is obvious. Most are of course sour grapes from the former members of the defunct, Council-sponsored BNF and others whose purse strings are controlled by the Council.

More news to follow as the picture becomes clearer.”

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