Job opportunity – Childcare Adviser.

Childcare Adviser Salary £28,500 – £30,500 pro-rata, depending on experience

As part of our work to support parents and lone parents back into work, through our Families Matter employment team, we are seeking a new part time Childcare Adviser who can support the team to facilitate access to more Educational/school/ childcare vacancies and work placements by approaching and working directly with local organisations/ employers – e.g. nurseries, schools, after school clubs etc and who can also advise clients and other advisers about childcare issues/ policy changes etc. A minimum of 2 years experience of working with parents returning to work or working in Children’s Services on Childcare/Early Years issues and with a clear understanding of national and local childcare funding/ policy and legislation

A relevant qualification in childcare, early years or education, or a Degree

Experience and track record of meeting targets and KPIs

Southwark Works Performance & Quality Manager
Unit 239, 1st Floor,
Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre, SE1 6TE
S/B 020 7740 8200
07979 648786

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