Southwark Neighbourhood Watch Association

London 2015

Contact: 0843 289 6529


The Southwark Neighbourhood Watch Association would like your TRA to add the title “Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator” to what you do already.

You care about your street and your Estate and your neighbours, that’s Neighbourhood Watch!

With Neighbourhood Watch on your letterhead you’ll be the first to know what the Police know about the streets where you live. You’ll be the first to hear new ideas about keeping safe.

As a Neighbourhood Watch TRA you and your neighbours can directly give your police point of contact information that might help them save lives and property and help improve people’s quality of life as well.

Organising and registering a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme means you and your neighbours get “FREE Event Insurance” when you hold an event like a street party. It also means that you can ask your home insurer for a possible reduction in your Contents Insurance premium.

When you join NHW as a TRA you are joining the largest UK Charity.

Please feel free to contact me directly if you want to sign up. We’ll come to your next meeting with a very short presentation.

Thank you!

With Warm Regards,

Marcus Suitor


Southwark Neighbourhood Watch Association

Tel: 0843 289 6529


Twitter: @snhwa_london

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