Baddies: The Musical 3rd November – 24th December 2015


Baddies: The Musical

  • Unicorn Theatre
  • 147 Tooley Street

So you think being bad is wrong? Think again…

  • Book and Lyrics by Nancy Harris
  • Music and Lyrics by Marc Teitler
  • Story by Nancy Harris and Marc Teitler
  • Directed by Purni Morell

Sure, I eat people’s grandmothers once in a while, but that doesn’t make me a bad person…
it makes me a good villain.

The Big Bad Wolf’s in trouble – he’s been ripped out of his story and thrown in jail for being too good at being bad. But being the villain’s the best part, everyone knows that…

This Christmas, someone’s decided to change the fairytale rulebook and no-one seems to know why. How are you supposed to tell who the good guys are when there are no baddies around? Step into the lives of everyone’s favourite villainous characters and find out.

This sublimely entertaining and larger-than-life new family show is sure to be the baddest musical in town!


Unicorn Theatre

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