OBVNF Meeting, Wednesday 18th November 6.30pm


Update and Meeting

18 November 6.30pm Tabard Community Hall, Hankey Place SE1 4LR


The Council has today had its delivery contractors distribute our questionnaire to all addresses in our neighbourhood. This process has taken longer than we had hoped and thus the notice of our next meeting in the questionnaire is shorter than we had hoped.

Next Meeting
The next meeting of the Forum is next Wednesday in Tabard Community Hall (Hankey Hall) at 6.30pm. The meeting will update on the consultation process and the progress of the various working groups so far.

As a quick update, the initial meeting of the ‘Heritage and Conservation’ working group was held on 21 October (minutes) with the identification of a set of provisional policies. The meeting was well attended with members of BVAG, BSAP, Team London Bridge and a representative from the Council, all contributing ideas for the neighbourhood plan. A further meeting will be called in a few weeks when there are expected to be a number of draft policies to discuss (and add to).

The ‘Open Spaces and Nature’ group had their first meeting on 11 November (minutes) and discussed their main areas of focus and agreed that more research on the Council’s Open space strategy (link) and current policy is needed to form a more proactive set of policies and give scope for further inclusion in future. A further meeting is therefore expected before Christmas. Details to follow.

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