OBVNF Meeting 16th December

Area Vision Meeting

and Christmas Drinks

16 December 6.30-8.30pm (meeting) Bermondsey Square Hotel, SE1 3UN


Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Neighbourhood Forum is next Wednesday at Bermondsey Square Hotel (Abbey meeting room), 6.30pm. The meeting will include an update on the consultation process and the progress of the various working groups so far. Also, at the request of the Council’s liaison officer, we will aim to formulate a ‘Vision Statement’ as a brief summary of aspirations for our area over the next 10-15 years. The vision statement is intended to be published on the Council’s website alongside other existing area visions for eventual inclusion in the New Southwark Plan.

After the meeting we will be serving Christmas drinks and nibbles.

All our meetings are open to everyone.


The distribution of our consultation questionnaire leaflet by Council’s delivery contractors has not run smooth, with many residents and businesses within our area reporting that they have not received them. The process has now been repeated by the Council, who had them re-delivered last weekend. It is again clear that coverage has not been complete but some who didn’t receive them first time around did on the second occasion.

It will be helpful if subscribers on our mailing list who live in our designated area (see map below) will please reply back to this email with a ‘yes/no’ to confirm receipt of the questionnaire leaflet.


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