OBVNF Open Meeting Wednesday 27th January



BVAG & Old Bermondsey Forum

Open Meeting

Wednesday 27 January 6.30pm Globe House SE1 3JW


The Council’s consultation on the draft ‘New Southwark Plan preferred option’ is due to close on 12 February. This meeting will discuss representations to be submitted by BVAG and by OBVNF. In the context of the Forum’s current efforts to evolve policy more responsive to local interests it is important that we do everything possible to ensure that the Southwark Plan does not take shape to thwart our policy initiatives before they emerge. Needless to say, our followers will need to have read the parts of the Draft Plan in which they have an interest if we are to put forward considered responses. Anyone with suggestions but who cannot make the meeting is invited to send their comments by email reply to this mailout.

BVAG will focus on its established interest in conservation, heritage and architectural quality in the local context and consideration of how applicable current draft policy might be strengthened, improved or refined.

Also on the Agenda will be a review of the responses to the OBVNF our questionnaire and wider issues of policy proposals in the draft Plan will be considered by the Forum as a whole.

All our meetings are open to everyone.

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