Estate cleaning inspection sheets & list of new dates

Dear Councillors and Peter

Please find attached the new cleaning inspection dates for Tabard North, I have decided to split Tabard North into 2 inspections

1st inspection covers the following blocks – Balin, Boughton, Brenley, Northfleet, Betsham, Kellow, Eynsford and the dates are 28/6/16, 26/7/16, 23/8/16, 27/9/16, 25/10/16, 22/11/16, 27/12/16, 24/01/17, 21/02/17, 28/3/17.

2nd inspection covers the following blocks – Pilgrimage St, Abinger, Becket, Selbourne, Shere and the dates are

29/06/16, 27/07/16, 24/08/16, 28/09/16, 26/10/16, 23/11/16, 28/12/16, 25/01/17, 22/02/17, 29/03/17.

I have also attached the cleaning sheets that were done in May 16

Kind regards

Susan Snell

Resident Services Officer

Southwark Council

Housing & Modernisation Department

PO Box 64529

Third Floor, Hub 2, Section C

London SE1 5LX

Telephone: 020 7 525 2513

Tabard North. cleaning.doc May 16

Tabard North. cleaning.doc May 16.doc part 2


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