Neil Coyle – Transport survey

One of the issues many local people raise with me is transport. Problems include congestion and associated air pollution, buses ending routes early and overcrowded tubes and buses. Transport for London have also contributed to some areas experiencing additional traffic and gridlock in some cases – which will get worse when Tower Bridge closes for three months sadly.

Many people also seek to improve local transport. There are campaigns for a new bridge linking Rotherhithe to Canary Wharf for pedestrians and cyclists. There seems to be support for extending the London cycle hire scheme eastwards into our community. Many people also support the Bakerloo Line extension and would welcome further investment in our transport infrastructure locally and more generally in London. I’ve raised this with the new Chancellor and Mayor who say they are keen to work together.

Last week I also met Val Shawcross, the Deputy Mayor of London for Transport and an ally in City Hall. We discussed a whole range of transport issues affecting local residents – including the work already done by Val and Sadiq Khan to introduce the new ‘hopper’ bus fare and cheaper travel as well as opening the night tube. My brief blog on the meeting is online here:

I’m now also running a short transport survey online that I’d love to see your views on. It includes traffic jams, tubes and bus issues as well as the new bridge and cycle extension idea. Please share your concerns or thoughts on these and other local transport issues here: – or email me at:

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

Best wishes,


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