OBVNF Neighbourhood Plan First Draft

Ater a long period in gestation we have now compiled a draft neighbourhood plan for the Old Bermondsey area.  This is the product of our various working groups who have each contributed suggestions in their respective policy areas.  There is considerable further refinement still to be done but the document as it stands will be sent to Southwark Council for comment once we have received any feedback from the local community.  If you have any further suggestions for policies that you think should be included or other comments please let us have them by email to: consultation@oldbermondseyforum.org Our intention is to pass the draft to Southwark Council by Friday 14 October so please let us have feedback as soon as possible.  There will be further opportunity to shape the plan at forthcoming meetings but anything not included at this stage will not go before the Council for their input and thus we will not have any indication on their receptivity to further inclusions.
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