BSAP: Tell us what you like best about our area


It’s Clare from the Bermondsey Street Area Partnership, here again. I was last in touch a few months ago about our Then and Now Photo Competition leading to an exhibition in Bermondsey Village Hall in June. It was a happy event, with some very happy winners and helped remind us about the strengths of community after the terrible events at London Bridge and Borough Market. Many thanks for your help in making people aware of the competition.

We’re still on the same track, wanting to find out what people feel contributes to the character of our area so that we can protect those things in the Neighbourhood Plan and celebrate them. The things people like most could be street furniture or trees, open spaces or views, public art or buildings, anything. With some Community Council funding and working with Team London Bridge and STAMP (Shad Thames), we’ve set up a website with a map of our area where anyone can click on the map and leave a comment, the more comments the better.

If it’s possible for you to publicise this in your area, that would be amazing, thank you. There is a jpeg of the leaflet below and I’ve left a stack of paper copies at the JMB offices. If you would like some leaflets I can deliver them to you this weekend. If you’d like me to come and talk at a meeting in September, I’ll happily do that, just let me know.

Look forward to hearing from you

All best


Clare Birks

Chair, Bermondsey Street Area Partnershipbsapunnamed

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