Chelsea Fringe activities at Elephant park


In just a few short years the Chelsea Fringe has grown from a bright idea into a global festival of ‘grass roots’ gardening.

For this year’s Chelsea Fringe, which runs from 19 to 27 May, Elephant Park is playing host to a range of community-focused activities that will bring to life the joys of growing and green spaces.

In total, four events will be held next week which are free for all the community to attend.

Kicking off on Tuesday 22 May with the first ever Green Links Walk from Elephant Park to Burgess Park, and culminating on Saturday 26 May with Flowerful Elephant, a fun-filled day celebrating the area’s local gardens, growing groups, green spaces and the horticultural history.

To find out more about the different events please visit the Elephant Park website here.

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