Kings College ‘Student Village’ Presentation 6.30pm Wednesday 27th June

Kings College ‘Student Village’ Presentation
6.30pm Wednesday 27th June
Globe House | Corner of Bermondsey Street & Crucifix Lane

KCL Student Village 


KCL are looking to develop a ‘Student Village’ on Talbot Yard (off Borough High Street)

KCL and their architects BDP show plans for Talbot Yard

King’s College and their lobbyists, Team London Bridge, have always aspired to, and collaborated with, high-rise plans for St Thomas St and the Guy’s/King’s Campus.

They have proposed presentation of their latest development plans for a new ‘student village’ to a Forum meeting, open to all.  These plans were hitherto unknown to the community – certainly to us.

Please join us for the presentation by KCL and planner-architects, BDP, of their plans for a major new development centred on Talbot Street.

Click here to see a copy of the introduction letter from BDP which gives nothing away as to the exact location, height or appearance of the proposal, stating only that “In addition to approximately 420 new bed spaces and ancillary student facilities, the Student Village will also provide new commercial spaces at ground floor level.”   On this basis it is unlikely to be a low-rise ‘village’.

Quill ++ and St Thomas Street ‘Masterplan’


Weston Street Elevation from the Quill++ Planning Application 18/AP/0900. 

We are also inviting the Chair of Team London Bridge, Professor Simon Howell, to the meeting to explain the position of his main employer (King’s College of course) not just on his own high-rise plans but on their role the ’emerging masterplan’ for St Thomas Street.

We know that developers Greystar, CIT (South Bank Tower) and Threadneedle, and architects KPF (and now apparently BDP), have been in secretive collaboration with the council on this private vision for over a year. With the ultra-high-rise application for the Quill++ now relying upon it directly in their planning statements it is long overdue that the Council and TLB to come clean and consult the community on their ’emerging’ St Thomas Street masterplan.


The ‘St Thomas Street East’ Masterplan is referred to in the Quill++ Planning Application.


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