St Mungo’s Putting Down Roots at Betsham and Northfleet Houses

Since 2006 Team London Bridge (the local Business Improvement District) has been managing a number of green spaces in or just on the edge of our area: Northfleet & Betsham House, The Greenwood Theatre, Melior Street Garden, Gibbon’s Rent, Whites Grounds and Snowsfields Primary School to name a few. As well as lifting the aesthetic and ecological value of public space we also see this very much as a social project.

Our involvement with residential estates is a way for our businesses to connect with the local community, and by using St Mungo’s Putting Down Roots (PDR) as our gardening contractor we are helping people out of homelessness. PDR is an initiative of St Mungo’s that provides the homeless, or those at risk of becoming so, with formal horticultural training to aid them through recovery and into eventual full-time employment.

The PDR clients are led by trainers Ian, Victoria and Jeff who will often be seen tending the Northfleet and Betsham House gardens on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Please do say hello and they would love for residents to come out and help them if they wish (every month throughout the spring and summer they run a Saturday gardening workshop for residents as well as the usual Tuesday and Thursday mornings).

 In September this year we won a Gold medal and overall winner of the Business Improvement District category at the RHS London in Bloom awards – a competition where we show off all the best green spaces (including Northfleet & Betsham House) that the area has to offer.

 Thank you for the ongoing support and we’d always welcome more residential involvement and feedback. If you would to get in touch please contact Henry Johnstone at Team London Bridge

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