Chaucer Ward – Incident in New Zealand

Friday, 15 March, 2019

AS – Central South


Terrorist Attack in New Zealand

Following the horrific events overnight in New Zealand the following message has been released by AC Neil Basu, the National Policing lead for Counter Terrorism:

“We are monitoring events in New Zealand closely and send our condolences to all those affected. Our international network of UK counter terrorism officers will be ready to support our counterparts in New Zealand in responding to and investigating this appalling attack.

“We stand together with all our communities and partners here in the UK and overseas, and will continue to work with them to counter the threat no matter where it comes from. Together with our intelligence partners we continually monitor the varied threats we face, including to and around places of worship and specific communities across the country, to ensure we have the most appropriate protective security measures in place to keep people safe.

“Today we will be stepping up reassurance patrols around mosques and increasing engagement with communities of all faith, giving advice on how people and places can protect themselves.

“Places of worship can also utilise our online training package ‘ACT Awareness eLearning’ for advice on Protective Security and how to react should the worst happen. It can be found at We’d also encourage everyone to be aware of our Run, Hide, Tell advice.

“We take all forms of extremism seriously and anyone with concerns about someone becoming radicalised can get advice and support through the PREVENT programme at

“We standing together with our Muslim communities and all those shocked and horrified by this terrorist attack in New Zealand.”

We aim to make London the safest global city;

Be the best crime-fighters, by any measure;

Earn the trust and confidence of every community;

Take pride in the quality of our service;

So people love, respect and are proud of London’s Met”

Officers from Central South BCU will be providing extra reassurance patrols at key locations over the course of the day. Doubtless, members of the public will be shocked and very concerned at this terrorist outrage but at the current time we have no information or intelligence to suggest this is anything other than an extremely tragic but isolated incident.

The MPS is committed to making London the safest global city and we continue to take a zero tolerance approach to hate crime. If members of the community have concerns then please contact your local Neighbourhood police teams or in cases of urgency dial 999. We stand together with the community in tackling extremism and hate in all its guises.

Pease do contact my staff office or me if you have any questions or wish to discuss any further aspect of this incident with me.


Simon Messinger

Detective Chief Superintendent

BCU Commander – Central South

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