ASB and dealing at Boughton and Balin

Hello Balin Residents,

As you may have seen on twitter, or heard early this morning, a drugs warrant was carried out by the Neighbourhood Tasking Team in Boughton House, where they arrested a male for Possession with Intent to Supply.

Whilst we were outside the block between 8-10am this morning, a known drug users came by whistling up to Boughton House before seeing us. We informed him a dealer was arrested. So the news must of spread as we didn’t see anyone else arrived in the time.

We understand this has caused residents a lot of concern, upset, and harassment. We will continue with patrols over the next 2 days we are in, to be in the face of the dealer and the users.

The male will be released today under investigation. So don’t be surprised that you may see him about.

We are now speaking with the Council regarding actions they can take in regards to their tenant.


Sarah & Richard

Chaucer Safer Neighbourhood Team

PC Sarah LOCK, PC Nigel QUINN & PCSO Richard SMITH

Southwark Police Station, 323 Borough High Street, LONDON, SE1 1JL

Tel 0208 721 2441


Ward Promises:

1) Balin House re: ASB Drug Use

2) Meakin Est re: ASB Rough Sleepers/Drug/Drinkers

3) Berwick Court re: Mail Thefts

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