Safeguarding Priorities Consultation

Good morning, please see below information on two London Borough of Southwark consultations which are currently live.

Phase One Safeguarding Priorities Consultation:

The aim of the Southwark Safeguarding Children Partnership and Southwark Safeguarding Adults Board is to make sure that people in Southwark are kept safe from harm and abuse.

Each year we assess our priorities and take a look at whether there are new areas we need to concentrate on. This consultation is to help us understand the safeguarding priorities for Southwark. The consultations for children and adults will then be carefully considered together.

It is very important to make sure that we give the people who live and work in Southwark the opportunity to feed in, share ideas and tell us what is important to them. This will shape how we safeguard people in Southwark in the best way.

We have carefully looked at areas that have been previously focused on in Southwark, the areas that give us concern, the themes that we know about from local and national work, the areas that work well and most importantly the areas that you may want to focus on for the next 18 months.

Next steps:

We have developed two surveys, one for children and one for adults, which will take about 5 minutes of your time. We really value your contribution and look forward to listening to you and taking forward the priorities that you tell us about. We will work together to decide what we will do next and how we will know if it is making a difference. This does not mean that the other areas are not important and we will continue to focus on, learn from and improve outcomes where they are indicated.

Thank you for your time and contribution.

Judy Wills

Empowering Communities Programme Officer

North West Area (Borough & Bankside, Chaucer, London Bridge & West Bermondsey and St George’s)

Communities Division| Housing & Modernisation Department

160 Tooley Street, London, SE1 2QH

Tel: 020 7525 2767 | Mobile: 07591 989 026


Work days: Monday, Tuesday &Wednesday (am)

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