Bankside, Borough & London Bridge Characterisation Study July 2013

“2.9 Opportunity sites
The characterisation study has identified that there are a number of large opportunity sites in the BBLB OA (Fig.13). These include sites which have consented planning applications, some of which are moving towards construction, such as large sites of London Bridge Station, One Tower Bridge, Tate Modern extension and other consented proposals at the north end of Blackfriars Road. Other sites are identified as having potential for more intense development or efficient use of land, examples being large blocks covering a site, areas of car parking or light industrial uses or
storage sheds. Some of the larger sites can also offer potential for public realm improvements including the creation of new links to enhance permeability or new public space.”


BLB detail

potential for more intense development…areas of car parking

BLB opportunity areas

Potential for more intense development.


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