Requiem for The Subways – 3rd April


On the evening of Good Friday join us for a choral performance of a new composition by Danyal Dhondy written to mark the imminent demolition of the subways at Elephant and Castle Roundabout. We gather at the centre of the roundabout from 7pm for the performance to begin at sunset and walk the subways for a performance of seven stages. After 104 years of safe underground pedestrian crossings the Mayor of London and Southwark Council are ushering in an era of increased congestion, danger and pollution. Demolition commences on 9 April and the proposed Elephant Square will not be completed until the mid 2020s.

(This composition has been commissioned and staged by, a campaigning group that has utterly failed in its objectives, although we might get a cafe in one subway if we’re lucky and another bit turned into a water feature! Let’s hope others can learn from our failure and save their subways)

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