Email from Old Bermondsey Village Neighbourhood Forum.

Important Meeting
Old Bermondsey Village Neighbourhood Forum
Wednesday 22nd April 6.30pm Globe House

Following our invitation to Mark Williams, Council Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Planning and Transport to address an open community meeting we now have a response accepting the invitation for Wednesday 22nd April. The background to the invitation can be read on our website (link).

In brief:
Following our application for the Neighbourhood Area designated by Southwark Council themselves the Council find their options for refusing us dwindling. In an attempt to create some germ of a justification we received a letter essentially telling us that we fail to meet the high standards of democracy, openness, inclusivity and consultation with local people set by the Council themselves! Councillor Williams has been invited to explain how we can raise our game to the standards he expects. At the same time he has been invited to draw on his own fan-base to invite all those excluded constituencies that we cannot reach.


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