Balin House Projects’ and ‘Public Works’ are hosting a discussion on the Cartography of the Domestic Object’ & followed by a tour of  ‘My Home Is Your Home’ and drinks.

Friday 16th October at 6:30PM
Address: Hankey Hall (Tabard Community Hall), 3 Hankey Place (off Long Lane)
Tabard Gardens Estate, Borough, SE1 4LR

Talks by:
Dr Carom Lipman (Queen Mary University)
Jan Scholze Curator of Contemporary Furniture (V&A)
Chaied by: Olivia Sheringham (Queen Mary University)

please rsvp:

!cid_327FC6E8-1699-41DF-9D19-E54A902700FE‘Woman Sweeping’ by Cornelis De Man

DR CARON LIPMAN will be talking about her current research on ‘Living with the Past at Home: domestic prehabitation and inheritance’. The talk will investigate the meanings, knowledges, practices and material dimensions of living with the past at home. It considers the significance of people’s awareness of previous inhabitants, or that deemed to be inherited from them, in framing domestic belonging, ownership, and aesthetic expression in the home, and the forms of historical knowledge and historical practice that are prompted, informed by and result from this awareness.

JANA SCHOLZE will give a talk based the V&A exxhibition she co-curated called ‘what is luxury’? The talk will touch on the important relationship between luxury and value. Speculations about the future provide insight into how luxury is not a stable category, but has a number of meanings which are constantly changing and responding to new social, economic and ecological paradigms. For instance, in a post-industrial future where the world’s supply of petrochemicals has been exhausted, could plastic become a highly valuable material and what skills would we need to work with it? With a focus on materials, the chosen art and design objects will provoke connections of luxury to issues like access, privacy and memory. The discussion will also position the topic within the booming luxury goods market which grew from £101 billion in 2009 to £147 billion in 2014, against a backdrop of increasing social inequality.

DR OLIVIA SHERINGHAM will chair the discussion. She is a social and cultural geographer involved in the research platform ’studies of home’. Her research focuses on place-making and integration, migration and religion, creolization identity formation, and geographies of home and the city.

TORANGE KHONSARI from public works will introduce the topic by a short presentation about the role of the domestic object in Balin house, where it sits between the crafted salvaged item and the digitally produced functional casing/support.

please rsvp:

Torange Khonsari
public works
Studio No: 4
The White Building
Unit 7 Queens Yard
White Post Lane
London E9 5EN

Tel: 00447766105209

This talks is the last of the three exploring the home. It is part of a larger grants for the arts application and project described below:
‘My home is your home’ completed in 2014 follows from ‘Whitechapel gift shop’ project in 2010 and is the second in the public home series by public works. Public homes are privately commissioned architectural projects that work collaboratively with clients to negotiate the privacy of the home and levels of publicness it can offer to the city. It looks at a home as a public asset and the home owner as a public agent. In both projects, the homes have been opened up as informal cultural places, for artist residency, site specific performances, art commissions, talks and debates and symbolic demolitions.
Unlike the ‘Whitechapel gift shop’ which was an old saw mill, ‘My home is your home’ is a flat in an ex-local authority flat in Borough – London. In the 1980s due to an accident in one of the laundry rooms where a small boy died, Southwark council closed and locked all the laundry rooms. Artist Eduardo Padhill moved to an adjacent flat, negotiated access and set up an exhibition in the laundry room, opening it up to the public once again. This started The Balin House Projects in 2006.
The laundry room had its limitation due to its very small dimensions and lack of a link to the artist’s house. In 2012 Padilha bought the laundry room to expand both his home and this art space. Post expansion Balin House Projects has become an artist space where Padilha hosts discussions and debates over Sunday lunch. Last month the project was awarded a grants for the arts to explore the potentials, limitations and conflicts of an art/home. Collaboratively with public works, Balin House Projects will critically look at the home as an artistic practice through its architecture, an artist commission, series of talks and workshops.
For more information see:

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