SERVES in Communities


I hope all is well and looking forward to restrictions being eased in the next few months.

The LTA have developed an offer called SERVES, which aims to get people playing tennis and increasing physical activity. The SERVES Programme is the LTA’s leading sport for development programme, which takes tennis into the heart of local communities to people who may have never picked up a racket or thought tennis was for them.

The council wants to utilise the physical spaces within housing estates such as ball courts and community halls. As part of this programme, we are interested in training local activators to deliver the sessions whilst also providing the equipment to use.

Do you think this style of programme would be useful in your community?

If you have any questions, please get in touch.

Thank You,

Luke Staples – Preston

Sport and Physical Activity Development Coordinator
Environment and Leisure
Parks and Leisure Service

Southwark Council

160 Tooley Street
London, SE1 5LX
Mobile: 07936333035; Phone: 020 7525 2687
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