Vaccines for over-50s, social worker training scheme, council tax prize draw and more

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If you’re eligible, book your COVID-19 vaccination

If you are aged 50 or over you can book your COVID-19 vaccination now. You can also book now if you are in one of the other categories listed below.

You can get the vaccine if:

  • You are aged 50 or over
  • You are at high risk from COVID-19
  • You are an eligible frontline health or social care worker
  • You have a condition that puts you at higher risk
  • You have a learning disability
  • You are a main carer for someone at high right from COVID-19

>> Book your vaccination now

Three reasons to book your vaccination

  • The vaccine is safe and it works
  • The vaccine is how we will get things back to normal
  • The vaccine will protect you, your friends and your family.

>> Book your vaccination now

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