Wishing you a happy and safe Christmas from the Leader of Southwark Council

Dear resident,

I want to wish all of Southwark’s TRA officers a happy, peaceful and safe Christmas.

This has been the most difficult of years but it has also been a year that has shown just how important our TRAs in Southwark are.  The support you have provided to the people on your estates has been inspiring to see.   So I want to say thank you to you for everything you do for our community.   

With COVID rates rapidly rising again, I hope you will have a merry but safe Christmas this year, staying home as much as you can to stop the spread of the virus and save lives.  With vaccines now being rolled out in Southwark the end is in sight but we still have some months to go during which we will all need to keep each other safe.     

My thanks again to you and I wish a happy 2021 to you, your family and everyone on your estate.


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